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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Enrolments for 2011 and beyond

Remember that you need to apply for each kinder year separately. If your child is in younger group and you haven’t put in an enrolment application form for older group in 2011 you should do so now.

There is no preference given to children currently in the kinder or for siblings of kinder children. If you have younger siblings you wish to enrol, please contact the kinder on 9570 2246 or via

We are now taking enrolment applications for wait lists for this year, either group for 2011, and older group 2012. Enrolments for younger group 2012 and older group 2013 open in March this year.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Two ways to get a great deal and support the kindergarten.

Term One Fundraiser

Why we have chosen Healthy Snack Foods for fundraising:

- Parents have called for and are supportive of making a healthy change
- Kids love something new.... especially in a packet
- The snacks can be used in lunchboxes... a solution for Mums & Dads everyday
- Saves on shopping at the supermarket if you buy them for the pantry at home
- Our school/kinder receives the profit from your snack food purchases rather than the supermarket
- The variety of products reinforces the 'everything in moderation' message to children
- Choosing healthy, reinforces the 'healthy eating' message now being taught in classrooms Australia wide
- Sends the right message to children and sets a good example
- Fundraising boxes can be taken into Mum or Dad's workplace where hungry staff welcome the $2 healthy snacks as they are new and different
- By purchasing these snacks, we are choosing to support Australian owned and operated business, helping local industry and local employment

Please help us to make this fundraiser a success. We understand that Fundraising is not easy. If the whole community pitches in…. we can all make a real difference.
We aim to achieve maximum profit for this fundraiser – we cannot do it without support from every family. Remember it is our children who benefit the most.

Please contact the kinder for an order form.

Ongoing Fundraiser


It's the start of the year! If you have kids in kinder, school or childcare, they will need name labels for their drink bottles, lunch-boxes, clothing, books, bags, pencils, etc.

Keep reading and you'll find out how to get at least 40 extra free labels and 15% off your order!

If you spend over $20 in total for your order, you will automatically get 40 FREE TINY LABELS for every name you are ordering labels for. These labels are small because they're made for pencils, but can be used for water bottles, plastic containers, or anything else you might want to put a label on! Like all of the stick-on labels, they are waterproof, dishwasher-proof etc.

When you get to the payment section, in the 'Promotional Code' section, enter 15OFF and you'll get 15% OFF all products that aren't already discounted.

In the 'Fundraising Code' section, enter FDR0264 and our kinder will receive a donation from the company.

Order your labels online and they will post them to you (free postage) within a few days.

You can browse or order now at

Happy shopping!