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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Working Bees February 17 & 18

We will be running 3 working bees at the new kinder site at East Bentleigh Primary School this weekend.

We are running the first working bee on Friday evening from about 4.30 pm for a few hours. We need just a few people for this working bee to dig in some fence posts and set them in concrete. If you've been involved in the fencing work at previous working bees and can spare a few hours, we'd particularly appreciate your help at this working bee (and/or Sunday's working bee when we'll also be doing some fencing work).

The second working bee will be on Saturday morning from 7.30 am to about 12 pm (the early start and finish this weekend is due to the weather forecast of very high temperatures). This working bee is to finish off constructing the sandpit - putting in boulders, posts and timber edging. Again, we need a small team of people. Please bring shovels and crow bars if you have them.

The third working bee is on Sunday morning from 8am to 12pm. We need a bigger group of people for this working bee as there are a number of different tasks - putting up timber palings on a section of fencing, digging a pathway, clearing the storeroom of furniture and filling and patching up holes in the weatherboards and window frames on the exterior of the building. Please bring the following if you have them: shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows, hammers, polyfiller, metal spatula for applying polyfiller.

If you can help at any of these working bees, please contact me on:

9521 8278/0425 739 529,

Please contact me to let me know you can attend, so that I can ensure we have the right number of people and advise you of any last minute changes.

Please note that children are not allowed on the new kinder site during the working bee as it is a building site and not safe for children. Older children are welcome to play in the school playgrounds outside the working bee site.

Thank you for your help.

Rachel Carey



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